Why am I not seeing results from my Facebook business page?

Are you running an advertising or marketing campaign on Facebook but not getting anywhere? There are several reasons why you're not getting any results. Here are the top 6 reasons why you're not meeting your marketing goals on Facebook.

Infographic of woman pointing at her target market segments.

1. Inaccurate Targeting

Ever seen an ad on social media and wondered what it’s doing on your feed and how it’s relevant to you? Failure to understand your target market is one of the most significant reason why you’re not getting any sales.

A Facebook specialist who understands the technicalities of Facebook.

2. Technical Limitations

Despite signing up for tons of skill courses, you still encounter a lot of problems. Furthermore, you might’ve published adverts, but the results weren’t satisfactory. In the end, it was a waste of time and money.

Two Facebook advertising specialists brainstorming new creative ideas.

3. Uncreative Ideas

Trends come and go. A trend from last year might not be the thing right now. Same rule applies to ads, if your advertisements do not follow consumer trends, your business will be left behind and might not even attract a single customer.

4. Overspending

Believe it or not, spending more doesn’t actually equal to more sales. With the limited number of customers that you get currently, you might not make enough to cover the advertising expenses that you invest on Facebook.

A team of facebook specialists working together on a project on time.

5. Lack of Time

Creating an advertise that actually converts on Facebook is extremely time consuming. There are many steps: from the brainstorming of ideas, designing advertisements, copywriting, publishing advertisements, to market analysis.

An inexperienced man using Facebook advertisements.

6. Lack of Experience

Many businesses advertising on Facebook fail to efficiently monitor and revise advertisements according to data that they receive. Failing to do so and to retarget advertisements is a major reason for failure.

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But how though?

So... Why Choose FB Experts Malaysia?

At FB Expert Malaysia, we specialise in delivering affordable yet results-focused Facebook marketing, advertising, page management, content creation services, and more. We are trusted by Facebook and businesses all across Malaysia as an Official Marketing Partner.

Infographic of woman pointing at her target market segments.

1. Accurate Targeting

We are experts at data analysis and marketing research, enabling us to help you reach your desired market in the shortest time, significantly increasing your sales and Return on Investment.

A Facebook specialist who understands the technicalities of Facebook.

2. Facebook Specialists

We expertise in systematic marketing, following an original UPT approach, which is a highly advanced advertisement technique that 70% of professionals don’t know. With us, you will double your sales within 3 months.

Two Facebook advertising specialists brainstorming new creative ideas.

3. Imaginative Ideas

We aren’t freelancers, but a team of professionals with creative and genius minds. Without a doubt, we can help you to come up with exceptional advertisements that Malaysians love watching.

A client earning a lot of revenue through her Facebook advertisements.

4. Drastically Cut Costs

With UPT, you won’t be working with just one individual but with a dedicated full team of professionals at your service. We will be there to assist your business closely and ensure that each project is completed to the best standard.

A team of facebook specialists working together on a project on time.

5. Save Your Time

Our professional team will help you design an effective and aesthetically pleasing advertisement paired with UPT’s secret copywriting formula. In addition, we also spend time doing detailed market analysis to help you reach the most precise customers and use the best advertising approach that helps you to generate more leads.

An experienced team of Facebook Advertising specialists working together on a project in Malaysia.

6. Experienced Professionals

With 15 years of experience in Malaysia, we are Facebook specialists that have a deep understand what type of ads really work. Once ads are published, we constantly monitor insights to determine the success or failure of the campaign, and update accordingly to maximise performance.

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